Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girls of the Moment! The Edge of Love= Sienna + Keira = Vintage Fashion Heaven!

How to get this look from the beautiful movie "The Edge of Love" (starring Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, poster and recap below.) When dressing we always start with the face....
Knightley has often complained that she cannot find a foundation pale enough for her alabaster skin.. May I suggest Amy Head Moisture Glow Foundation in Light (http://www.amyhead.com/), $29. And for the silvery gray eye shadow used on the top of the lid, use Chanel soft touch eyeshadow in Amethyst $28.50 (http://www.chanel.com/) Although those goeregous eyelashes were probabally achieved with false eyelashes, DiorShow Mascara in Black always come close.. ($24, http://www.sephora.com/) And to achieve those matte red lips both girls wear throughout the film, may I suggest the classic Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick in Fire ($27, http://www.chanel.com/)
For the curly hair look tease with a comb and spray dry hair with Redken Hot Sets 22 (http://www.redken.com/) before curling. Then bobby pin the front of your hair off your face for the result!
A very pretty vintage hat.. (maybe search in your grandmother's closet?) again with the red lips.. John Maybury's new film, The Edge of Love stars Brit actresses Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller. It was released in June in the U.K., and a release date has yet to be set for the U.S.
Just a brief synopsis of the film..
It follows the story of poet Dylan Thomas (played by Matthew Rhys), and the two women he loves, his teenage love, Vera (Knightley) and his wife, Caitlin (Miller). Just some fun facts about the film; Knightley's mother,screenwriter Sharman Macdonald actually wrote the part of Caitlin for her. After reading the script, however, Knightley opted for the role of Vera, instead. Lindsay Lohan was also originally signed on to play the role of Caitlin, opposite Knightley, but dropped out.
The film also boasts an enjoyable soundtrack (which I own). with an original score by Angelo Badalamenti, and music performed by Suggs, Beth Rowley, Madeleine Peyroux, Patrick Wolf, and Siouxsie Sioux. A lovely song on the album is "Careless Talk," performed by Beth Rowley. This song plays over the trailer. You can watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2XN5elRKcI
Ms. Knightley also sings several songs on the soundtrack (she plays a cabaret singer in the movie.) Perhaps prepping for her rumored role as Eliza Doolittle in the remake of My Fair Lady?
Anyway, the film is set in 1940s England and Wales, leaving a perfect backdrop for scenery and well, fashion! The stars are of course, two of my favorite actresses and fashionistas!
Here are some of my favorite looks from the film and how to achieve them!
Looking very elegant with a blue feathered dress.. I found some similar flowers for the hair at http://www.tarinatarantino.com/ Tarina is one of my favorite accesory designers!
I love how this one is a comb, it looks very mariachi band Mexicana. (Vintage Flower Resin Collage Comb, in Multi, $175)

I really like this one too! I think it is so pretty with it's tulle fabril and rhinestones. It also comes in cream, so it looks closer to the style Kiera wears. (Tulle Flower Anywhere Clip, $70)

Kiera in a scene from the film, with her co star Matthew Rys, sporting a Burberry esque tweed coat, maroon plaid sweater, white button down and grey tailored pencil skirt.These Mary Janes look very much like they could be used in the film and their precious! (Pewter Mary Janes, $398.00, http://www.anthropologie.com/)

From the Anthropologie Autumntide Ad Campaign:
These girls look like they could be extras in The Edge of Love with their chunky knights, flowy dresses, boots and tights. (all pieces, see http://www.anthropologie.com/)
I especially love the fur collared coat on the left.. It's very 40s esque. (all pieces, http://www.anthropologie.com/)This dress is also from Anthro... I suppose I'm just loving what they are doing for fall. (Softshape dress, $188, http://www.anthropologie.com/)
This dress is especially reminescent of a style both girls wear in the film, such as the one Keira is wearing below. (Bijoux Dous Dress, $178, see http://www.anthropolgie.com/).
These black galoshes are from J. Crew. They come in a variety of colors Both girls sport similar styles in the film. (http://www.jcrew.com/) Here's Sienna in her's again (below):
Style tips on how to dress like Sienna and Keira as Caitlin and Vera in The Edge of Love:
Both characters: silk slips in pearly pastel colors such as light blue, pink, peach, and cream to wear under dress and even coats, wool tights in gray and black, floral shifts in fall colors, trench coats in autumn colors such as grey, dark green and red. Their looks are both perfect for fall!
For the look of Sienna's character Caitlin specifically, check out this fedora, similar to the one she sports in a picture above: http://www.jnbcloset.com/product.php?productid=99
Aren't these girls the most stylish co-stars ever?
Sienna and Kiera at the world premiere of The Edge of Love.
Sienna wears a black fedora and black shift (over jeans it looks like) with a brown leather clutch with black outlining. Sienna favorite jean line? Superfine. www.chickdowntown.com/superfine
Keira wears a Black Chanel tweed jacket, (a classic staple of the label), with a white one piece pantsuit and a large black ring.
Beauty wise, both of the girls sport competing smoky eyes. To get the look, try Bobbi Brown eye shadow in #15 Black Plum (http://www.bobbibrown.com/), which can be applied as both a liner and a shadow.
After a radio interview... Both girls share matching straight locks and an apt for black and white. Sienna wears a classic long sleeved white top with the new Oakley sunglasses and Keira wears a dress from the London fashion house, Topshop. (http://www.topshop.co.uk/)

At the photocall for The Edge of Love in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sienna sports her oakleys again, a casual black sweater and striped shift. Keira sports a top, again, from Topshop, (http://www.topshop.com/) with a black pencil skirt.
Both girls wear competing black, high heeled lace-up boots. Similar styles can once again, be found at Topshop.
The girls hit the pavement after dinner in London. Keira wears a light red checked dress, a cropped black jacket, carrys a black zipper bag from Mulberry and a red wrap bracelet.
Sienna wears a classic leopard fur.. (perhaps taking a cue from Kate Moss?), with a silvery shift, gold necklace and ring, and bright orange alligator clutch. Both girls wear matching black tights (http://www.hue.com/) and boots.. I though matching was out, in like, third grade? Guess not!

The Rules: How to Dress Like Keira Knightley
Her look: Feminine and Elegant with a twist. For Keira, it's all about dressing according to the season. For winter she resorts to warmer colors- plum, black and silver. In spring and summer she lightens up wearing pink, purple and nautical styles.
Closet staples: Black and white- she can't have enough of it, dresses with frills, ruffles, bows and sparkle, tights in dark colors to match every outfits, a Chanel tweed jacket, checkerd- print blouses and shifts.
Shoes of choice: Metallic T-Straps, Pumps, pumps, and more pumps.. Taking a cue from Sienna when with her and wearing black boots.
Favorite Brands: Chanel, Rodarte, and Erdem.
Bag of choice: Mulberry
Signature: Hair accesories... Whether it be stars from Chanel fine jewelry, a flower, or a crystal headband- this girl knows where she accesories best.
Here is a tribute to her Atonement press junket, where she really hit the ball out of the ball park:
In a Chanel Haute Couture dress with a velvet bow and star studs (in hair), promoting Atonement at the Venice film festival..
In a white lace Erdem with black embellishments and black pointed toe pumps at the Silk premiere.In a purple strapless Erdem with black square pumps at the London premiere of The Edge of Love.
In a plum ruffle/sheer dress and pointed toe black wrap pumps walking the red carpet at The Atonement premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.
In violet Marchesa and a crystal headband at the Atonement U.K. premiere

Pretty in pink Rodarte with bangs and blue vevet and metallic T-strap pumps at US Atonement premiere.
Keira in a lavender Valentino gown at the 2008 BAFTA Awards, where she was nominated for Best Actress for Atonement.
In a black velvet and lace tie dress, grey tights and black Chanel T-strap pumps at an Atonement press conference.
In a blue and white nautical inspired halter, with orange nails, a gold locket and 70's inspired bangle promoting Atonement at the Venice Film Festival.
that dress.. from Atonement that created many a-knock off and inspired jewel tones on the runway for spring 2008.
All smiles in a Mick Jagger inspired white top with a black vest and pants, at Balthazar Restaraunt in NYC.
The Rules: How to dress like Sienna
Her look: Grungy, Tailored, Bohemian, Brit "IT" Girl
Closet Staples: Ray Baans (every kind! Wayfarers in red, black and white and the Aviators), Clear Oakleys.. the ones Collette did.. http://www.colette.fr/ , leather bomber jackets, superfine and J Brand jeans, fur and wool coats, stripes, every piece of her own collection Twenty8Twelve (with designer sister, Savannah), BOOTS (lace ups, bow tie, knee high) and black flats.
Don't be afriad to take risks... pull a "Sienna" and cut off your hair into a cute pixie yourself! (well, she did this for her role in Factory Girl) or wear a black leotard and tights not from dance class.. out to dinner! Be bold, classy, and beautiful.. Just like her!
Favorite brands: Everything.. Mixing vintage with high end and takes cues from Edie Sedgwick.. In other words, when Sienna wears your design, you know you've arrived.
Bag of choice: Chloe, Balenciaga, Mulberry, and bright leather clutches
Signatures: I think she started the Straight-legged jean trend, Ray-Baans, bold hair choices, tights with everything, fedoras, tying her shoe laces around her jeans and everything in between.
Grabbing coffee wearing black ray baans (http://www.raybaan.com/), a black and white checkered jacket, white cardigan, rolled up dark denim jeans, black flats with white bows and a brown Balenciaga bag.. who knew grabbing coffee ever looked this chic?

Promoting her line Twenty8Twelve, for new collection see http://www.twenty8twelve.com/, with older sister Savannah. The line was name after Sienna's birthday, 12/28. Both girls wear adorable looks from their collection and bold heels (Savannah's in velvet mulberry, and Siennas in white patent leather.) Sienna with Jaime Burke, strolling the Meatpacking district in NYC. She wears Black Ray Baans, a dress from her Twenty8Twelve line, black tights, and black lace up boots. He looks pretty good too!
Walking her dogs with a red leather leash (oh so stylish) wearing Ray Baan aviators (http://www.raybaan.com/), a red leather purse, a navy peter-pan collar button down trench with gold buttons, navy tights and black tights.
Having fun matching time with ex Jude Law. Sienna with her Edie cut, wears a black leather bomber jacket, white and black striped top, gold Edie-Sedgwick inspired drop down earrings, black leggings, black boots, and a camel colored mattelic Chloe purse.

Sienna playing Edie Sedgwick in a huge fur coat, newsboy cap, oval sunglasses, triangle earrings, a gold handbag, amd black tights and boots with co-star Guy Pearce.
If you want to look like Edie, wear cat-eye eyeliner and too big statement making earrings.
The milk maid hair Sienna sported to the Golden Globes. Her gown screamed Grecian Goddess, but her hair screamed Dutch milk maid. Who else could pull this off but her?
For her sun-kissed glow try Bobbi Brown bronzer in Natural.
In a Twenty8Twelve jacket and dress, arriving at The Late Show with David Letterman. Red Ray Baans and gold sandals..
Here are autumn looks from Sienna and Savannah's Twenty8Twelve line.. They highly reflect their own style and Sienna's look from The Edge of Love! (Available at http://www.neimanmarcus.com/)
Ruffle Trench, S. Miller for Twenty8Twelve, $210.00, Neiman Marcus. I want this one! Lace-sleeve dress, $415.00, Twenty8Twelve, Neiman Marcus..
Well, looks like I'll be signing off.. Hoped you enjoyed reading and got some inspiration for your autumn look!
Don't miss Sienna and Kiera in The Edge of Love (on a side note, the girls have been getting critical acclaim for their performance in the film) if your in the U.K. and be sure and don't miss Keira Knightley in The Duchess (out in the U.S., Sept. 19)
P.S. My blog is named after the Chanel perfumer NO. 5...